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Our support for Hurricane Ian relief

A version of the following note was sent to all U.S. Employees.


As many of you know, Hurricane Ian had a catastrophic impact across the southeast corridor last week, leaving behind a deadly and destructive wake in communities across Florida and the Carolinas. Our thoughts are with our employees, customers and communities who have been hardest-hit by the storm.

To support relief and recovery efforts, the firm is making a philanthropic commitment of $1.5 million to local organizations working to meet the basic needs of those most impacted by the hurricane. The firm will also match employee donations dollar-for-dollar to select organizations to maximize our collective impact.

To support employees, the firm has already engaged local resources to distribute food, water and gas to those in need. To support our customers in Florida, we’re waiving or refunding specific fees through at least October 22nd.  

As a firm, we will continue to monitor the situation and stay in close contact with impacted employees.

Heather Higginbottom
Co-Head of Global Philanthropy

Carol Lake
Co-Head of Global Philanthropy

Michele Grace
Southeast MLT Chair